Preminuo gospodin dr. Zoran Andrić veleposlanik u MVP RH

Zoran Andrić, Ambassador and Adviser for Political Issues at the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, passed away yesterday 13 March in Zagreb after a long illness.

Andrić was elected to office in 2002 having come back from India where he had served as the Croatian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary since October 1998. He has been working for the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1992, after he abandoned the Yugoslav diplomacy and expressed his loyalty to Croatia in 1991.

As a distinguished diplomat, a diligent worker and, above all, an honourable person, Andrić was an invaluable asset to Croatian diplomacy in which he has been active for the past 11 years. The Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to express its gratitude and sincere condolences to his family.

The funeral party will be held on Monday 17 March 2003 at 14:10 PM at the Mirogoj Crematory in Zagreb.

Zoran Andrić, a professional diplomat, a colleague and a friend, will live on in our memories.