Working lunch with the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for the NATO members

On 9 January 2018, in Jerusalem, a working lunch with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was held for the NATO members’ ambassadors, organized by the Greek Embassy, ??currently the NATO contact point in Israel. Ms Tina Krce, Chargée d"Affaires a.i. of the Croatian Embassy, attended the lunch. In an introductory part, Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his firm conviction that the partnership between Israel and NATO is natural, because of the common security challenges of today, in particular the radical Islam, as well as the common fundamental values. He pointed out that Israel and NATO have been cooperating on security issues for decades, but the relations have reached a new, higher level with the opening the Israeli office at the NATO headquarters in Brussels. During the lunch, security challenges in the region of the Middle East, opportunities for deepening cooperation between Israel and NATO and other topics of mutual interest were discussed.

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