Bilateral Relations

The State of Israel recognised the Republic of Croatia on 16 April 1992 and 5 years later the Diplomatic Relations were established on 4 September 1997. During the last three decades, both countries have been gradually developing overall framework for bilateral cooperation, with significant progress in a few recent years. Besides the record number of bilateral treaties, the Memorandum of Understanding on strategic bilateral partnership between the Croatian MFEA and Israeli MFA was signed in December 2020.

Croatia and Israel share common values and many common interests in the areas of political, security, defence, economic, touristic, scientific, cultural and overall bilateral cooperation, regularly exchange views on the most relevant regional and global issues and support each other wherever possible. Croatian citizens in Israel and Jewish Community in Croatia, have very special role in bringing our societies even closer.

Croatian commitment to fight all forms of discrimination and especially the fight against antisemitism has been very important pillar of our relationship. Furthermore, Croatia was elected to Chair the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance – IHRA, during the year 2023.

The Republic of Croatia is firmly dedicated to the continuous strengthening of long-lasting and sustainable partnership with the State of Israel bilaterally as well as within relevant regional and international forums.