Tina Krce, Chargée d"Affaires a.i., with the Darca Menachem Begin High School Students

At the invitation of the Darca Menachem Begin from Gedera, Tina Krce, Chargée d"Affaires a.i. of the Croatian Embassy in Israel, met on 3 January 2018 with 40 students who attend the elective programme on diplomacy and international relations as a part of their curriculum. Tina Krce, Chargée d"Affaires a.i., held an interesting interactive lecture on Croatia; on gaining the independence and recognition of the Republic of Croatia, its Homeland War, paths towards the NATO and the EU membership and other achievements, natural and cultural beauties of the country and on the relations and cooperation between the two friendly states Croatia and Israel, with the emphasis on the mutual connections. The students asked many questions; about Croatia in international relations, possibilities for further development and deepening relations between Croatia and Israel, Mrs Krce’s work in Israel, as well as about the prospects and challenges of career in diplomacy. For over a decade the Darca Menachem Begin High School’s results and achievements have placed it among the top five schools in Israel’s Central District, with e.g. the highest rates of students eligible for a matriculation certificate. In addition, in the last few years, the school has also been one of 20 schools with a high rate of graduates joining the IDF (94%).

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