Dubrovnik Forum 2018

The thirteenth annual international conference Dubrovnik Forum: "Strengthening Resilience - the Mediterranean, Europe and the Western Balkans", will be held on Saturday, 1 September 2018 in Dubrovnik.

The Forum will focus on challenges posed by migration, terrorism, climate change and an array of asymmetric threats that are increasingly testing Europe and the wider Mediterranean area on political, security, economic, social and cultural level.

The European Union is taking the lead in successfully addressing these challenges, but the cooperation of all stakeholders in the area and reliance on transatlantic cooperation remain crucial. In order to strengthen our overall resilience, we must also continue to nurture our fundamental values – those of human rights, democratic standards and principles of good governance. Deepening market integration and expanding business, trade and financial coordination, as well as improving overall connectivity – transport, energy, digital, economic and people-to-people - is crucial to achieving this goal.

The discussions at the Dubrovnik Forum will happen in three panels: Defining Challenges – Considering solutions; Increasing Crisis Resilience through Improved Interconnectivity; Increasing Crisis Resilience by Countering Fake News and Media Manipulation.

Secretariat Contact: dbvconference@mvep.hr