Dubrovnik Forum 2017

The twelfth annual international conference Dubrovnik Forum, entitled "Adriatic-Mediterranean Cooperation and Security in Southeast Europe", will be held on Saturday, 1 July 2017 in Dubrovnik.

As in previous years, the Dubrovnik Forum will cover current international affairs topics. The focus of this year's Dubrovnik Forum will be on the Adriatic-Mediterranean Area, which is, geographically, a meeting point and the crossroads of Middle East, North Africa and Europe. The Forum will address common challenges of security and stability in the Mediterranean and neighbouring areas through strengthening of cooperation and fostering dialogue, while, at the same time, addressing the opportunities for concrete and future actions.

The Dubrovnik Forum will also put emphasis on the developing business opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean region, as well as on the intercultural dialogue, underlining youth’s mobility and education.