Temporary residence and vehicle registration in Croatia

Nationals of EEA member states or the Swiss Confederation and their family members, or family members of Croatian nationals intending to stay in Croatia longer than three months have to register temporary residence no later than eight days before the end of the three-month stay at the competent police administration or police station depending on the address.

A temporary stay application shall contain the purpose of stay, i.e. a justified reason for stay (for example: work, family reunification, university studies, secondary school education, and other).

Foreign citizens shall be granted temporary stay if they prove the purpose of temporary stay, hold a valid travel document, have funds to support themselves, have health insurance, are not prohibited entry and stay and are not considered to be a threat to public order, national security or public health.

Certificate of registered temporary residence is issued in the form of a biometric residence permit valid for up to five years.

When purchasing a car, a foreign citizen has the same rights as a Croatian citizen. The differences lie in the registration: a foreign citizen with a temporary stay permit is assigned a green license plate. This registration is valid for one year. If the temporary stay is extended, the registration is renewed, with a green license plate.

In accordance with Croatian regulations foreigners or nationals of Member States of the European Economic Area, which the Republic of Croatia has been granted temporary or permanent residence, can register vehicles at the Croatian competent authority according to their whereabouts.

Required documents are:
  • permit or other appropriate document that an alien or a citizen of a Member State of the European Economic Area, proving right to stay longer than three months in the Republic of Croatia,
  • decision approving temporary import - for temporarily imported vehicles.
For further information and submission of request you should contact police department or police station of your place of residence.