UN Security Council Debate on the situation in Somalia

Ministar savjetnik RH pri Ujedinjenim narodima, Vice Skracic, održao je govor na javnoj raspravi Vijeca sigurnosti UN-a o piratstvu u Somaliji.

We would like to thank Secretary General for his report pursuant to paragraph 17 of the SC resolution 1846, as well as Mr. Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia for his significant contributions and valuable insights presented here today. Croatia has aligned itself with the statement to be delivered later during this debate by the Swedish Presidency on behalf of the EU. Croatia notes the recent progress that has been achieved in Somalia, but, at the same time, perceives the scope and complexity of the challenges still laying ahead for this country. Undoubtedly, piracy represents one of the burning issues, threatening not only key international shipping lanes and commerce, but also the effective provision of much needed humanitarian assistance. Croatia fully supports the Djibuti peace agreement as a necessary prerequisite for the sustainable resolution of many pressing challenges in Somalia. We are of the view that reinforcing Somali sovereignty as well as strengthening the capacities of the Somali government to provide law and order and sustainable livelihoods for its people will significantly contribute to the eradication of piracy and armed robbery off the Somali coast. Let me repeat here the evident and often times reiterated conviction of this Council: there can be no security along the Somali cost without genuine security of its land. It is therefore apparent that only an integrated approach has the possibility to yield results. In that context, Croatia commends AMISOM for the important role it is playing in supporting the Transitional Federal Government in its efforts to implement the aforementioned strategy, as well as for its endeavors to bring about long term political, security, recovery and development changes. Croatia welcomes the continuing strong commitment of the international community to the Somali government in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions and applicable international law, and, in that context, further welcomes the Somali government's renewed request for assistance in securing international and territorial waters off the cost of Somalia and their continued implementation of the provisions of resolution 1846. Croatia believes that the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia is proving to be an effective coordinating mechanism of the international community. We welcome its decision to establish a trust fund aimed at supporting adequate measures against pirates and related activities aimed at implementing the Group's objectives. Moreover, we welcome additional coordination efforts within the naval forces operating in the region, including the establishment of SHADE, as well as the continuing coordination between the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and the International Contact Group on Somalia. We are heartened to see such efforts bearing fruit, testimony of which is the considerable reduction in the number of successful pirate attacks registered in recent months. Croatia believes that the Governments of the region should play a vital role in establishing conditions for the effective combat against piracy. We commend the Government of Kenya for its significant efforts in that regard and especially for its readiness to detain and prosecute pirates apprehended by other participants in the common efforts against piracy. It is our hope that other countries which have expressed this readiness will be ready to follow the suit. Similarly, we call on regional states to fully implement the Djibouti Code of Conduct as an important step towards assuming increased responsibility in the combat against piracy and robbery on the sea and we particularly welcome further progress in the field of regional capacity building, and would call upon all states to continue logistical and financial support for these aforementioned regional efforts.