Tina Krce, Chargée d"Affaires a.i., on the round table on the EU at the IDC Herzliya

On the occasion on Europe Day, on 15 May 2018, the Center for European Studies at the Interdisciplinary Center - IDC Herzliya organized for its students the roundtable on the challenges and opportunities for the European Union. At the invitation of the Center, Tina Krce, Chargée d"Affaires a.i. of the Croatian Embassy, participated in one of the roundtable panels. In her presentation, as one of the challenges and opportunities for the EU, Ms Krce elaborated on the EU enlargement on the Western Balkans, presenting as well Croatia"s EU membership path and direct effects of the membership on Croatian society. She also referred to the "Strategy for the Western Balkans", enlargement policy in general and Croatia"s positions in that regard, as well as other foreign policy issues important for Croatia, while responding to students’ questions. In the presence of the Head of the EU Delegation in Tel Aviv, along with Ms Krce, ambassadors of Greece, Finland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and deputy Czech ambassador took part in the panel.

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