Croatian recipes in the Diplomatic Cookbook „The World on a Plate“

Croatian Embassy in Pretoria kindly supported the Diplomatic Cookbook project "The World on a Plate", issued by the International Diplomatic Spouses Association (IDSA). This cookbook brings together recipes from many nationalities, provided by representatives of Embassies and High Commissions based in Pretoria, South Africa. All proceeds from the sale of the Diplomatic Cookbook shall go to South African charities supported by the IDSA. Ambassador’s Prelog spouse, Mrs. Davorka Prelog, contributed to this beautiful cookbook with four Croatian dishes: baked štrukli, escallops "Barun Trenk", bajadere (nougat squares) and “maraska” paradiso. At the presentation of the Diplomatic Cookbook "The World on a Plate", held in Pretoria, Croatia was recognized as a great tourism and gastronomy destination.

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