The visa request is admissible if:
  1. it is submitted no sooner than 3 months prior to the date of the intended trip,
  2. is attached a duly completed and signed visa application form (example of properly completed application)
  3. is attached a travel document:
    • which is valid for at least three months after the intended departure from the Croatia, or after the last intended date of departure from the Croatia;
    • which contains at least two empty pages,
    • which is issued in the last 10 years
  4. is attached color photo of size 35x45 mm:
    • the person must be shown with a neutral facial expression, with the eyes open and mouth closed on the frontal picture;
    • exceptionally, blind people who wear glasses can attach a photo on which they are photographed with dark glasses;
    • on the photo of the person who for religious or medical reasons carries a head cover, cheeks, chin and forehead must be visible;
    • children in the photo must be alone and their face must be fully visible with the eyes open;
    • the head of the person (from the chin to the top of the head) on the photo must occupy about 2/3 of the photo, but not exceed 36 mm. The head in the photo must be centered in the center of the picture. The distance between eyes (from the middle of left to middle of right eye) must be at least 8 mm (optimal 10 mm);
    • photos must be made on high-quality glossy and smooth paper without surface structures, with high quality printing. The background must be light uncolored, with no patterns with sufficient contrast to the face and hair.
  5. biometric data is collected - Embassy of the Republic of Croatia for now does not collect biometric data. The collection will begin no later than the entry of the Republic of Croatia in the Schengen area.
  6. the prescribed visa fee is paid, according to tariff number 78 of the Law on Administrative Fees
If the above conditions are not met, the visa application is not permitted and the Embassy will not accept it.