Legalisation of Documents/Notary Service


In order to use a British document in Croatia certain documents issued by the British authorities - e.g. Certified Copy of an Entry of a Birth, Marriage and Death, as well as the power of attorney need to be legalized at the Legalization Office with an Apostille stamp (for more information please visit: ) and translated into Croatian by an official interpreter in the UK (a list of Croatian interpreters in the UK is available at the Consular Section of this web site) or by a certified court interpreter in Croatia.

In order to use Croatian documents in the UK the documents Embassy has information that legalisation of the documents with Apostille stamp is generally not required. However, since the procedure may differ by different authorities, in case when legalisation is required an Apostille stamp in Croatia is issued by the Municipal Court according to the place where the institution which issued the document has its seat.

General information on the legalization of documents is available at:



Requests for verification of a signature can only be submitted in person at the Embassy by submitting an original valid Croatian passport or an original valid Croatian identity card.

FEE: 8 GBP per signature

Additionally, 1 GBP is charged for the use of the bank card machine at the Embassy premises. Cash payment can be paid only at the local branch of the Barclays Bank on the Embassy’s bank account according to the instructions of the Embassy’s official.

If you do not hold a valid original Croatian passport or identity card, the Embassy cannot verify your signature. In this case, please seek the verification of the signature at a notary public ( or solicitor in the UK. These documents must be properly legalized and translated into Croatian (see above).

The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents while conducting legally binding proceedings related to each request submitted.