Public holidays

Croatian and Irish Public Holidays

Sunday 1st January 2023                              New Year's Day (HR, IE)
Monday 2nd January 2023                          New Year's Day Holiday (IE)
Friday 6th January 2023                               The Epiphany (HR)
Monday 6th February 2023                         St. Brigid's Day (IE) 
Friday 17th March 2023                               St. Patrick's Day (IE)
Sunday 9th April 2023                                  Easter (HR, IE)
Monday 10th April 2023                              Easter Monday (HR, IE)
Monday1st May 2023                                   Labour Day (HR, IE)
Tuesday 30th May 2023                                  Statehood Day (HR)
Monday 5th June 2023                                    June Bank Holiday (IE)
Thursday 8th June 2023                                  Corpus Christi (HR)
Thursday 22nd June 2023                               Anti-Fascism Day (HR)
Sunday 5th August 2023                                 Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and Croatian Veterans Day (HR)
Monday 7st August 2023                                August Bank Holiday (IE)   
Tuesday 15th August 2023                             The Assumption (HR)
Monday 30th October 2023                             October Bank Holiday (IE)
Wenesday 1st November 2023                        All Saints Day (HR)
Saturday 18th November 2023                         Remembrance Day for Homeland War Victims and Remembrance Day for the Victims of Vukovar and Škabrnja (HR)
Monday 25th December 2023                           Christmas Day (HR, IE)
Tuesday 26th December 2023                          St. Stephen's Day (HR, IE)