State Secretary Metelko-Zgombić attends MED9 meeting

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State Secretary for Europe Andreja Metelko-Zgombić on 11 and 12 July in Madrid participated in a meeting of the EU Med Group (MED9).
The participants discussed the prospects of strengthening MED9 within the EU in the context of post-pandemic recovery and Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.
With a view to economic recovery and further growth, the participants underlined the importance of strengthening EU autonomy in certain sectors, notably energy and food. Metelko-Zgombić highlighted the geostrategic potential of Croatia as a regional energy hub contributing to the source diversification and energy security of Europe with Krk LNG terminal as well as TAP and IAP. The global food security crisis and the looming new migrant waves from Africa as well as the soaring agricultural costs are also issues of common interest for all Mediterranean countries. In that regard, the state secretary stressed the need to redirect towards local food systems and achieve food independence, as well as to open additional solidarity corridors with Ukraine. Given the importance of tourism for the economy of Mediterranean countries, she underscored the potential for EU-level cooperation in that sector.
Discussing partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood, marked by political instability, the participants emphasized the geopolitical importance of that region and the need to renew the dialogue in accordance with the new Agenda for the Mediterranean. Metelko-Zgombić underscored the importance of cooperation between MED9 and the Western Balkan countries to ensure their European path and, consequently, the stability of the entire Southeast Europe.