Minister Picula received the new U.S. Ambassador, Ralph Frank, on assuming his duty...

On 2 July 2003, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, Tonino Picula, received the new U.S. Ambassador, Ralph Frank, on assuming his duty.

Welcoming the Ambassador and wishing him success in his new office, the Minister briefly outlined the political situation in Croatia and listed the priorities of Croatian home and foreign policies. He emphasised the importance of the Croatian-U.S. relations and said the Government of Croatia was resolved to continue to develop its partnership with the U.S.A in all matters of mutual interest.

Expressing his satisfaction with being posted in Croatia, Ambassador Frank spoke very positively about Croatia's achievements in home and foreign policies, and he expressed his belief that the Government of Croatia would continue to resolve the remaining open issues. He stressed that the interests of both countries greatly coincided, as well as the interest of the U.S.A. in continuing and deepening cooperation with Croatia. Expressing his conviction that by the end of his term in office Croatia will be much closer to the EU and NATO, Ambassador Frank said that the U.S.A. will continue to actively support the internal reforms and the process of integration of Croatia into the Euro-Atlantic institutions.

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