Minister Picula met with Mr. Gilberto Gil, the Brazilian Culture Minister...

On 15 October 2003, Mr. Tonino Picula, the Croatian Foreign Minister, met with Mr. Gilberto Gil, the Minister of Culture of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the first Brazilian high official to visit the Republic of Croatia.

In their talks, they mutually expressed their interest to strengthen bilateral relations in all fields, notably in economy and culture, and to cooperate at the multilateral level.

In the field of economy, it was proposed to use Croatian sea ports in the distribution of Brazilian products on the way to markets in Central and Eastern Europe. A wish was expressed to increase commodity exchange and that the Croatian side considers, in the future renovation of the air fleet of Croatia Airlines, the possibility of procuring short range aeroplanes from the Brazilian aeroplane producer. In the field of culture, it was proposed to complete, as soon as possible, the Cooperation Agreement, and to exchange cultural events more frequently in both countries.

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