Minister Picula and the Croatian Ambassadors accredited to the EU Member States...

On 15 October 2003, a meeting of Croatian MFA Tonino Picula and the Ambassadors of the Republic of Croatia accredited to the EU Member States, took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zagreb, to consider the current issues dominating the relations between Croatia and the EU, particularly the cooperation with ICTY.

Minister Picula informed the Ambassadors in detail about the most recent elements relevant to the development and dynamics of relations with the EU, and the Ambassadors informed the Minister about the views of their receiving states and elaborated on the specific perception of Croatian in some of the EU Member States.

It was concluded that additional efforts need to be made in all the EU Member States to present Croatia's views accurately and exhaustively and to show the efforts Croatia makes to meet the political criteria for joining the EU.

In case of General Gotovina it is necessary to insist that the Government of the Republic of Croatia is fully resolved to do whatever is in its power to comply with the requests of ICTY. It was also emphasised that this case must not overshadow the great achievements of Croatian in the last few years.

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