Minister Picula handed the Order of Croatian Morning Star to Mr. Cheikh Badich Hobeich...

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, Tonino Picula, on behalf of the President of the Republic, ceremoniously handed the Order of Croatian Morning Star with the Image of Blaž Lorković to the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Croatia to the Lebanese Republic, Cheikh Badich Hobeich, on Wednesday, 16 July 2003.

The distinction has been handed to the honorary consul Hobeich as a sign of gratitude for his contribution in the promotion and development of the political and economic cooperation between the Lebanese Republic and the Republic of Croatia as well as in the promotion of the Croatian economic interests in the Lebanese Republic. It is particularly important to note the care of Honorary Consul Hobeich for the Croatian community in Lebanon, whom he regularly brings together.

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