Ensuring repatriation of Croatian citizens is a priority

The Croatian Embassy in Tel Aviv is in touch with some 180 Croatian nationals currently staying in Israel.
The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is working intensively on finding a solution for their repatriation. The situation is very challenging and volatile – air passenger transport in Tel Aviv has been suspended, while travel across the border to Jordan is limited.
Ensuring the repatriation of our citizens is currently a priority. The Ministry and the Croatian Embassy in Israel are coordinating with the Israeli authorities, who are planning additional international flights, the possibility of early transport for Croatian nationals as soon as possible.
The Ministry recommends that Croatian nationals do not leave their safe place until the situation stabilizes and until the possibility of repatriation is found. We invite them to contact the Croatian Embassy in Tel Aviv, if they have not done so already. In addition, we recommend that they follow the instructions of the Home Front Command (https://www.oref.org.il/en), as well as instructions from the Israeli Defense Forces and local media.
The Croatian Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs are in close contact with the EU and international partners and continue to monitor the situation on the ground.

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