A regular meeting of Foreign Ministers of the CEI...

A regular meeting of Foreign Ministers of the CEI, regional forum gathering 17 Member States, was held on 13 June in Wroclaw, Poland. The delegation of the Republic of Croatia was headed by Mr. Ivan Šimonović, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Croatia.

Ministers reviewed the situation in the region and the role of the CEI in the enlargement of the EU. Mr. Šimonović emphasised that the participation of the Republic of Croatia in regional fora, such as the CEI, is one of the mechanisms for the approach to the EU. He also added that Croatia expects that in the future, the CEI cooperation programs will focus on the exchange of experience in the process of the adjustment to the EU standards and mutual support to membership in the EU. Mr. Šimonović informed the participants of the Croatian application for membership in the EU, and the CEI states expressed their support in the final document.

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