25 years of Croatia’s UN membership

Today, 22 May 2017, the Republic of Croatia marks the 25th anniversary of membership in the United Nations, an international organization primarily dedicated to preserving international peace and security, strengthening international law, as well as promoting international cooperation in dealing with economic, social, cultural and humanitarian issues, including the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Just how much Croatia, a relatively small and young country, has progressed since gaining independence is also evidenced by its membership in this global organization. From a recipient of UN aid and an item on the Security Council’s agenda, Croatia has quickly grown into an active member taking equal part in its activities and is more frequently spearheading various initiatives and reform processes. Croatia has achieved prominent results and had the honour to participate in numerous and prestigious UN bodies such as the Security Council, Economic and Social Council and Peacebuilding Commission, and is currently a member of the Human Rights Council. Croatia has also actively participated in passing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, whose implementation is going to be one of the key tasks of the UN and its member states.

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