Ambassador Margeta visits the town of Sawahlunto

Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Jakarta Mr. Dražen Margeta has visited Sawahlunto city at Province of West Sumatra on April 28-29, 2015. During his visit, he met the mayor of Sawahlunto city, Mr. Ali Yusuf. Ambassador Margeta also held meetings with top officials of the city, and talked about the possibilities of the cooperation between two countries, especially in the field of chocolate production (region is famous for the cultivation of raw materials for the product of chocolate - cocoa ...). Ambassador Margeta offered the Croatian know-how and technology. They also discussed about possible cooperation in agriculture (cattle farm), tourism (know-how) as well as in the areas of sport and education. A visit of the Croatian Ambassador was followed by media, through local Sumatran daily newspapers, radio and TV.

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