Ambassador Margeta gives interview on the occasion of upcoming ""Wine & Cheese Expo 2016""

On March 30, 2016, Ambassador Dražen Margeta gave an interview on the occasion of the upcoming fair ""Wine & Cheese Expo 2016"". The Expo will be held from April 27 to May 8, 2016 in Jakarta. For that occasion, the Croatian Embassy in Jakarta will present Croatian products (such as wine, prosciutto, cheese, olive oil, truffles). Wine testing and introduction of Croatian products will also be introduced at the fair. In order to present Croatia closer, its culture, tourism and gastronomy to the Indonesian public and importers/distributors of wines and delicacies, Ambassador Margeta, together with the organizer of the Expo, held a thirty-minute interview, where he talked about the Croatian cuisine, wine production, land, history and culture. The interview is accompanied by promotional images of the Croatian Tourism Board.

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