The 24th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Croatia and the State of Israel, September 4, 2021

In the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Croatia and the State of Israel the bilateral relations between our two countries reached a new momentum. The Memorandum of Understanding on the Strategic Partnership between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Croatia and Israel was signed in December 2020, and the readiness for the highest level of partnership with the new Israeli Government was once again confirmed during the official visit of the Croatian Foreign Minister in July 2021. The cooperation between Croatia and Israel has been continuously reinforced, and currently is at its highest level since its establishment on September 4, 1997.

Croatia and Israel share many common interests in the fields of security and cyber, defense, culture, education, science and research, technological development and innovation, economy, tourism and other areas of bilateral cooperation, and the two countries continue to exchange views on key regional and global issues, as well as extend mutual support where possible. A particularly important link in these relations are Croatian citizens living in Israel and the Jewish community in Croatia, who share the identity of both countries and through personal experiences attest unique connection that brings our two societies even closer.

In addition, a special place in the bilateral relations between Croatia and Israel has the unwavering commitment of the Croatian Government to the fight against all forms of intolerance and discrimination as well as antisemitism, which have been at the top of Croatia's foreign policy priorities. Therefore, during 2023, Croatia will be the Chair of the International Holocaust Alliance Association (IHRA), whose member it became in 2005. As a member of IHRA, Croatia supported the adoption of a legally non-binding Working Definition of Antisemitism in 2016, and published its translation on the website of the Ministry of Science and Education. Furthermore, Croatia is the first IHRA member to translate and publish the IHRA Recommendations on Education and Teaching about the Holocaust and to apply them in teacher education. Also, the Croatian Parliament Committee on Education, Science and Culture in early 2020 adopted a Conclusion that encourage state institutions and civil society to promote the Definition. The Government of Croatia is intensively cooperating with Yad Vashem-World Holocaust Remembrance Center and has started the exchange of views on the forthcoming Presidency. Croatia and Yad Vashem continue the joint organization of annual training of Croatian teachers on how to teach about the Holocaust, that take place in Israel as well as at the regional and national level. Since the beginning of this cooperation in 2005, more than 750 teachers attended the seminars. Learning about the Holocaust has been included in the new curriculum and the number of school visits to the Jasenovac Memorial Area has been increased. Since 2003, Croatia has been marking January 27 as the International Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and the Prevention of Crimes against Humanity. In July 2021 representatives of Croatia participated in the work of the VII Global Forum on the Fight against Antisemitism.

In the new global reality caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Croatia and Israel both need to adapt and respond to the challenges it poses, through cooperation and mutual support in finding answers that ensure the preservation of life and health of citizens, all the while ensuring the functioning of overall economic and social components. Both Croatia and Israel are strongly integrated into global trends, multilateralism and free trade, and are individually and jointly committed to build a bilateral and global partnership based on common values. 


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