Finest Croatian wines for the first time on the Israeli market

On 27 February 2018, representatives of the Saro Imports met with Tina Krce, Chargée d"Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Israel. They presented Croatian wines which the company offers on the Israeli market and their plans for distribution of Croatian wines in Israel. Saro Imports is an Israeli company importing and distributing wines in Israel. Earlier it was successfully operating in New York, with a restaurant under the same name. Since January 2018, the company imports and distributes Croatian wines on the Israeli market - the first placement of Croatian wines in Israel ever. These are some of the finest Croatian wines, of a special traditional character, from Dalmatia, some of which of the autochthonous Dalmatian grape varieties. In the selected restaurants and wine shops in Israel, the following wines can be tasted and bought: Sladic - Maraština, Sladic - Oya Noya, Toreta - Pošip Sur Lie, Bura - Plavac fresh and Dingac Skaramuca. Representatives of the Saro Imports expressed the interest in cooperating with the Embassy in order to promote Croatian wines in Israel.

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