Ethno-Boutique "Mara" exhibits at the International Arts and Crafts Fair

Zagreb Ethno-Boutique ‘Mara’, owned by designer Vesna Milkovic, which fuses Croatian folk heritage and traditional crafts with fashion design, for the second time represents the Republic of Croatia at the traditional summer International Arts and Crafts Fair in Jerusalem, Khutsot HaYotser (3-15 August), one of the leading tourist and art attractions of the Jerusalem summer season. The festival, held in the Sultan"s Pool, at the foot of the Old City walls, attracts artists and craftsmen from Israel and the countries from all over the world, celebrating this year its 40th anniversary. The participation of the Ethno-Boutique "Mara", including the presence of designer Marija Milkovic, is sponsored by the "Croatia House" Fund, which promotes Croatian culture, art, history, language and heritage. "Mara"s" woven collection, to a great interest of the Jerusalem public, carries motifs from cultural and historical monuments, such as Glagolitic script, early Croatian interlacing pattern, the Baška Tablet, folk costumes (Alkar uniforms, coat from šestine, ornament from the traditional šibenik cap, Zadar and Konavle folk costumes, Slavonian "zlatovez" (golden embroidery), white and colored embroidery), and stylized ornaments of Pag and Lepoglava lace.

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