Croatian Embassy at the events commemorating the victims of the Holocaust

27 January - International Holocaust Remembrance Day On 25 January 2018 in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, hosted members of the international diplomatic community at an event marking the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin addressed the diplomatic corps, emphasising that the creation of the State of Israel was not compensation for the Holocaust and that remembering is not enough. An exhibition of the photos made during the World War II in the ghettos, testifying the tragedy of the Holocaust, was opened at the event. By documenting secretly everyday life in ghettos, Jewish photographers were risking constantly their lives, however that was also one of the ways of the struggle for survival. Ms Tina Krce, Chargée d"Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Israel, attended the event. On 26 January 2018 in Kibbutz Tel Yitzhak, the Massuah Institute for Holocaust Studies, hosted as well an event commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. President of the Supreme Court Esther Hayut and Head of the Office for Holocaust Research at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tor Akiva addressed the audience. They emphasised the importance of combating antisemitism and its rising trends in Europe and elsewhere. After the speeches, diplomatic corps visited the photo exhibition “Hate Industry: Antisemitism and Racism – the Past Hundred Years”. In the end, members of the diplomatic corps laid white roses in the Hall of Remembrance. The event was attended by Tina Krce, Chargée d"Affaires a.i.

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