Croatia and Israel signed the Agreement on Cooperation in the field of Agriculture

Two months after Croatian Minister of Agriculture Tomislav Tolušic visited Israel (September 2017), at the Minister Tolušic’s invitation Israeli Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel paid a visit to Croatia on 13 November 2017. Following the talks in Israel and the mutual interest in further upgrading and extending existing cooperation, two ministers signed in Zagreb the Agreement between the Republic of Croatia and the State of Israel on Cooperation in the field of Agriculture. The Agreement sets out the principles and modalities of mutual cooperation in agriculture, the exchange of knowledge and practices and the strengthening of cooperation in several areas, in particular water resource management, soil conservation, crop farming and cattle breeding. The Agreement also envisages the establishment of a Joint Cooperation Committee. The interest to intensify trade in agricultural products between Croatia and Israel was also discussed. On that occasion, Minister Tolušic said: "In September I visited Israel and agreed with my colleague Ariel this form of cooperation. I am honored that he paid a return visit in such a short time, and that today, on behalf of our countries, we have signed the Agreement, which will be the foundation of the development of our cooperation in the field of agriculture. We can really learn a lot from Israel, not only about irrigation and rationalization of water consumption, but also about new technologies for growing fruits and vegetables and protection against harmful organisms", and added, "This is an opportunityfor enhancing trade between our two countries, especially when it comes to export of meat and meat products from Croatia to Israel". Before the signing of the Agreement, Israeli Minister Ariel also met with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic. The visit of the Israeli Minister of Agriculture once more confirmed good relations and partnership between the two countries. (Source: Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia, Government of the Republic of Croatia)

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