Concert by Jewish music composers from Croatia

At the 4th annual festival ‘Days of Jewish Music’ at the Kiryat Ono Academic College, 28th March, a concert has been held in honor to two composers of Jewish music from Croatia: Isak Hendel and Bernard Grüner. The concert, preceded by a reception, was supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Israel, and it was attended by the Ambassador, Pjer šimunovic. The music of the two composers has not been played in public since the World War II, making this concert a special occasion for bringing their music into life. The concert was performed by Dr. Yuval Rabin at the harmonium with cantors Avraham Kirschenboim and Amichai Gutermann. Composer Isak Hendel perished in the Holocaust, his works had been published in Zagreb in 1940 and republished in 2009. Bernard Grüner was the cantor in Zagreb, he survived the Holocaust - having been liberated from detention soon after Archbishop of Zagreb Alojzije Stepinac, later beatified, heard about his imprisonment – and his works were published in Zagreb in 2011.

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