Croatian National Day celebration in Pretoria

On the occasion of the Statehood Day and 25 years of establishing diplomatic relations between Croatia and South Africa, the Croatian Embassy in Pretoria hosted on 26th June 2017, at the Blue Crane restaurant in the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary in Pretoria, a reception for the members of the diplomatic corps in the Republic of South Africa, representatives of South African business, public and political scene and the Croatian community. Surrounded with the Blue Crane birds, Ambassador Dr. Sc. Nenad Prelog described the relationship between Croatia and South Africa through a famous love story between two Croatian – South African storks Malena i Klepetan. Two countries established diplomatic relations in 1992 and after 25 years of excellent political relations, the time has come to give Croatian and South African bilateral economic cooperation stronger wings, especially in tourism, the blue economy, science and technology, education and culture. The South African Government was represented by Mr Mike Masiapata, Coordinator of the National Intelligence Co-ordinating Committee of the Ministry of State Security.

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