Croatian choirs successfully performed at the 10th World Choir Games in Pretoria

From the 1st until the 14th of July, the most prestigious world choral manifestation - 10th World Choir Games - took place in Pretoria. In 27 different competition categories, the event featured 312 choirs (over 20,000 singers) from 62 countries, including 4 choirs from Croatia: Female & Male Vocal Ensemble “Klapa Kastav”; Folk Song Group “Jane” from Velika Gorica and “Carobna frula” choir from Zagreb. The World Choir Games, also known as the Choir Olympics, are the largest international choir competition in the world. The main purpose of this international gathering is not competitive, but more of a social character - it was conceived as an event that brings people from different parts of the world together through music and singing. “Kastav” ensembles presented a demanding repertoire aimed at the complete presentation of Croatian musical heritage and they performed directly in the final part of the competition, following good results achieved in recent international competitions. Folk Song Group “Jane” performed in the Folklore category, while “Carobna Frula” competed in Jazz categories; Pop Choirs and Folklore category. In addition to the Olympic prizes, special prizes were also awarded to the prominent performers in the non-competitive part of the program, including prizes for the best new choirs and special awards for artistic work (longtime choirmen and choirs). Croatian choirs are taking back home four silver medals. “Carobna Frula” also performed on a Sunday Mass at the Croatian Catholic Mission of St. Jerome, where they held a concert for the members of the Croatian Community in Johannesburg.

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