Climate Diplomacy Week

Climate change is one of the major challenges of the 21st century, presenting risks to international prosperity and security. Hence, securing international action in response is a key foreign policy challenge. Climate Diplomacy Week is celebrated in South Africa by reaching out to communities, highlighting positive global action and collaboration on climate change. Several events took place this week to bring focus to climate action: Delegation of the European Union to South Africa and embassies of several EU Member States held various events to foster dialogue and cooperation on climate change, showcase success stories and inspire further action. Events organized during the week included conferences, citizens’ debates, exhibitions, film screenings and other outreach activities bringing together a wide range of stakeholders and communities. As part of the Climate Diplomacy Week, a Research Symposium where South African students selected an EU case study was also organized. Of those research papers selected from around the country, Croatia was used as an example in regards to land and climate change. Ms. Asithandile Ntsondwa, representing Nelson Mandela University (Eastern Cape), presented her casework on Wednesday, 2 October. The Research Symposium, attended by students, academia and diplomatic community was held at South African Institute of International Affairs at University of Witwatersrand’s (WITS) campus in Johannesburg. Dario Klasic thanked the participant on behalf of the Croatian Embassy in Pretoria for choosing Croatia as a learning example and offered further research support.

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