Croatian Olympic Kimono introduced to the public

Croatian Olympic Kimono is part of the „Imagine One World Kimono Project“. A total number of 196 kimonos will be made. One for each country participating at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The aim of the project is to send to the world a message of peace and solidarity through diversity using the beauty and uniqueness of Japanese Kimono. Kimonos are designed by prominent Japanese designers and producers of traditional Japanese costumes. Croatian Kimono vas created and made in the city of Tokamachi famous as a kimono making center. The city has also been developing special relations with Croatia for a number of years. First 100 kimonos were introduced to the public at the special ceremony organized in the Kurume City, Kyushu Island on 29 April 2018. Croatian kimono caries the motives of several Croatian historical cities, the Plitvice Lakes and traditional flower samples. The kimono is very unique and attractive. It will surely contribute to further promotion of Croatia in Japan. Croatian kimono was made with generous support of the company Memolead Group from Nagasaki.

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