Photography exhibition by Ivana Žiljak and performance by Dunja Knebl

Photography Exhibition "Croatia from the Air" by Ivana Žiljak and musical performance by Dunja Knebl at the Law Library in Dublin

The reception marking the launch of the Croatian Business Days held on 5 February 2004 at the Law Library in Dublin, was also the opening of a photography exhibition entitled "Croatia from the Air" by a young Croatian artist, Ivana Žiljak. Uniquely combining the talents of a pilot, a photographer and a designer, Ivana Žiljak exhibited a number of photographs showing Croatian nature, culture and colours. During her stay in Dublin, Ivana used the opportunity to fly over the Irish capital and thus gathered a lot of material for and exhibition of Dublin from the air. One of the highlights of the evening at the Law Library on 05 February was the musical performance by Dunja Knebl, who greatly contributed to the special atmosphere at the atrium of the Library. On Friday, 06 February, Dunja Knebl performed at the Irish Film Institute in the famous Dublin Temple Bar. That was a unique and rich interpretation of traditional Croatian melodies by one of the main representatives of Croatian folk music.

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