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Croatian Language and Culture Summer School at the University of Zagreb

Croatian Language and Culture Summer School at the University of Zagreb Summer, 2006 The University School of Croatian language and Culture offers an intensive course of the Croatian language. If you are interested in learning Croatian in summer 2006 with several skilled teachers, exploring the Croatian culture, its people in the capital city of Zagreb and the surrounding areas (castles in Hrvatsko zagorje, National part Plitvice) all day long for four weeks, this might be the program for you. The school is a result of successful collaboration between the University of Zagreb and the Croatian Heritage Foundation. Learning Croatian during summer and winter vacations in Zagreb combined with a rich cultural program has a long tradition and was initially intended for the Croatian Diaspora but has evolved into a program for anyone interested in experiencing the country while learning Croatian. Every year the program attracts up to 40 students from all parts of the world, ages 17 to 77, but mostly university students and young professionals. The teachers are very demanding in the academic part but willing to stay after class to enjoy with the students in a relaxed atmosphere, chatting or singing. The program has two parts: the academic program and the cultural program. ACADEMIC PROGRAM The four-week academic program comprises 110 hours. This includes 95 hours of obligatory classes and 15 hours of facultative classes. Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday, five hours per day. One “class hour” equals 45 minutes. The program is held in the student residence “Cvjetno naselje.” The Croatian language course is offered at three levels, each further divided into sublevels: beginners (P1a, P1b, P2, P3), intermediate (S1, S2, S3) and advanced (N1, N2, N3). Please note that if there are less than 20 registrations, the School reserves the right to change or cancel the program. CULTURAL PROGRAM The cultural program is organized by the Croatian Heritage Foundation (CHF). It consists of the academic lectures on Croatian culture, history and arts, study visits to museums, galleries, cultural and scientific institutions, concerts, theatres and study trips (Hrvatsko zagorje and Plitvice Lakes). Some afternoons can be spent watching Croatian films or listening to Croatian music with teachers' guidance. REGISTRATION Application forms are available upon request from the University of Zagreb (http://www.unizg.hr), by e-mail at croatianlang@unizg.hr or crolang@unizg.hr, or from the Croatian Heritage Foundation. For full information on the program, please click on the Croatian Heritage Foundation link below: http://www.matis.hr/eng/projekti_opsirnije.php?id=1