Today, the United Nations celebrate its 58th anniversary...

Today, the United Nations celebrate its 58th anniversary. The Republic of Croatia was admitted to the UN in 1992. Despite deficiencies of such a complex organisation with 191 Member States, the UN has proved to be irreplaceable in seeking resolutions for armed conflicts around the world, as well as for economic and social problems, thus contributing to the building and preservation of peace, and the creation of better conditions for the life of our community.

The UN has played an important role in the Republic of Croatia, by stopping violence and armed conflict. By diplomatic channels, they contributed to the resolution of political crises on the territory of the former Yugoslavia and returned the occupied parts to Croatia. Today, Croatia shows its gratitude to the UN by active involvement in the UN peace units, and by its authentic policy, it supports fundamental values and principles of the UN.

The UN's anniversary is an occasion to recall everything that has been done so far, as well as to point out numerous complex and responsible tasks that are ahead of us. The establishment of the Millennium Development Goals in 2002, supported unanimously by all UN Member States, is certainly a historical event and represents a great challenge for the UN. The Millennium Development Goals are a global platform for development in the next 15 years and represents the most comprehensive document in the filed of development policy at the global level.

On 21 October 2003, in his speech held on this occasion at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Mr. Tonino Picula, the Croatian Foreign Minister, pointed out that the UN, although not a perfect organisation, is the only forum that may respond to the challenges of time at global level, when faced with new threats.

On this occasion, we would like to congratulate the entire UN family, Secretary-General, the staff and all those who cooperate with the UN. For Croatia, the UN Day represents a holiday we gladly celebrate, as we truly experience it as our own.

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