Press Release

Croatia’s position has been clear and principled from the start. We condemn Hamas’ terror attack and underscore Israel’s right to safety and self-defense, while respecting international humanitarian law and the protection of the civilian population.
Therefore, claims that by voting against the UN Gaza resolution Croatia is also against humanitarian pauses, aiding Gaza and protecting civilian population, are false. It was only last week that the Croatian government sent €250,000 in emergency humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.
Said resolution does not say that Hamas perpetrated a terror attack on 7 October, not does it call for the unconditional release of hostages. Such wordings also run contrary to the European Council’s conclusions, which unequivocally name Hamas. Most of the EU member states have either voted against or abstained from voting on the resolution in its presented form.
At a European Council summit, the EU has proposed “humanitarian pauses” so that civilians Gaza could get the necessary aid, without supporting Hamas. Croatia has unequivocally backed the proposal.
As for said resolution, Croatia could not support a draft that does not mention or name Hamas, which perpetrated a massacre of civilians that is considered the deadlines day for Jews since the Second World War.
At the same time, Croatia remains firmly committed to the international efforts aimed at preventing further escalation of the crisis in the region.

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