OECD membership means benefits for citizens, higher living standard

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Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlić Radman on Thursday addressed the conference on “Croatia’s Journey towards the OECD: What does the Membership Bring?”, organized at the National and University Library by the Croatian Government and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.
Grlić Radman underscored that this was yet another strategically important membership for Croatia, following our joining the Schengen Area and the eurozone. “By implementing new and innovative approaches, comparing international data and exchanging experiences with other member states, which is what the OECD membership brings, our goal is to achieve benefits for our citizens and raise their living standard,” he said.
Throughout the accession process, Croatia is to implement numerous reforms that will advance all spheres of activity – from public services and justice system to education, transport, finance, health and trade. “In the interim, in line with the OECD Accession Roadmap from June 2022, Croatia will undergo technical reviews by 25 OECD committees, which are very detailed and comprehensive, both for Croatia and for the OECD,” the minister added.  
An OECD group has been set up at the Croatian Embassy in Paris, tasked with coordinating day-to-day activities with the OECD concerning the accession process. Croatia’s administration is working intensively on preparing and submitting detailed responses to all queries. In addition, several fact-finding missions have been organized in Croatia, with more planned in the period ahead.
“Croatia is also cooperating with the OECD on 18 projects, financed by the Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support, which compliment our accession process,” Grlić Radman added.
OECD Secretary-General Mathias Cormann said that accession would be a positive transformative journey for Croatia and that membership will raise living standards and bring revenue and productivity closer to the OECD average.
“These are not just formalities. They will bring tangible benefits for the citizens,” he underscored.

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