NATO in the process of creating a new format for cooperation with Ukraine

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Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlić Radman said in Oslo that he is glad that NATO is in the process of creating a new, more effective format for cooperation with Ukraine, which he hopes will be agreed on at the upcoming summit of the alliance in Vilnius.
"This is another opportunity for a fruitful discussion on methods for long-term, sustainable and adequate NATO assistance to Kyiv," said Minister Grlić Radman in Oslo at the informal meeting of heads of diplomacy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in a prelude to the July summit in Vilnius.
The Minister pointed out that he is proud that the Croatian government donated 500,000 euros for the Comprehensive Aid Package for Ukraine.
"Croatia is continuously providing humanitarian aid and shelter for thousands of Ukrainian refugees. Furthermore, we will help with our experience from the Homeland War, including a psychological aid project for veterans, and demining programs," added Minister Grlić Radman.
The need for closer cooperation with partners
He said that one of the topics of the current meeting would be how to make NATO's defence and deterrence as effective as possible. Regarding investments in defence, he pointed out that "two percent of GDP would be the new criterion and minimum for the allies."
"Finally, we will discuss the need for closer cooperation with partners. Croatia, which has the role of NATO's contact point in Australia, sees great importance in expanded cooperation with Indo-Pacific partners. We also advocate the gathering of vulnerable partners, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Moldova, during the upcoming summit in Vilnius," said Minister Grlić Radman.
Source: MVEP / Hina

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