Minister Picula has met with FM of Gambia, Baboucarr Blaise Ismail Jagne...

Croatian Foreign Minister Tonino Picula has met today with the Foreign Minister of Gambia, Baboucarr Blaise Ismail Jagne, who is in official visit to Croatia 12 to 15 March.

This is the first high level visit since Gambia and Croatia established diplomatic relations in 1998. The two foreign ministers agreed on the proposal to accredit the Croatian Ambassador to the United Kingdom to the Republic of Gambia, and to accredit the Gambian Ambassador to the United Kingdom to the Republic of Croatia.

The two ministers expressed their belief that this visit was the start of a good bilateral co-operation in fields of common interest, especially in the field of economy. The Gambian delegation received drafts of the bilateral agreement on trade, economic co-operation, and promotion and protection of investment. The pharmaceutical industry, shipbuilding, port co-operation and tourism were identified as the fields of a possible Croatian-Gambian co-operation.

The Croatian Foreign Minister emphasised that Croatia and Gambia established good co-operation in international institutions, especially the UN, and expressed his gratitude for the support Gambia had given Croatia with regard to the Prevlaka issue. The Gambian delegation confirmed that Gambia would support Croatia's candidacy for non-permanent membership in the Security Council at the 2007 elections.

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