Minister Grlić Radman participates in Grain from Ukraine meeting

  • Slika
Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlić Radman on Saturday participated in a meeting of the Grain from Ukraine initiative. The meeting, held via video link, was an opportunity to remember the Holodomor and recall the fact that food is still used as a weapon, notably in the context of remembering the victims of the Great Ukrainian Famine and the 90th anniversary of that tragedy.
The Holodomor, the genocide against Ukraine during the 1932-1933 period, remains a powerful reminder of the importance of the fight against the misuse of food for political purposes. The Croatian Parliament, joining an initiative of numerous countries and the European Parliament, on 28 June 2023 unanimously recognised the Holodomor as a genocide against the Ukrainian people, adopting a declaration condemning that tragic historical event.
Grlić Radman stressed the importance of recognising the Holodomor as the crime of genocide, adding that Croatia was committed to supporting the Grain from Ukraine initiative.
“The initiative is a valuable contribution to the global food security response in our joint efforts to find appropriate solutions to this crisis. Croatia strongly supports the Ukrainian Peace Formula, to which we have contributed in several points, including food security,” he said.
The minister expressed satisfaction that Croatia has contributed through the Solidarity Lanes - an action plan launched by the European Commission in May 2022, to the transport of not only agricultural but all the other types of products between Ukraine and the rest of the world.
Grlić Radman concluded his address by reiterating Croatia’s commitment to the joint fight against food misuse and expressing hope that the Grain from Ukraine initiative would become an even stronger symbol of solidarity among nations.

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