Croatia MFA confirms that Ms. Dijana Pleština was promoted as Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs...

In response to allegations in the press and journalist inquiries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia confirms that Ms. Dijana Pleština, Foreign Minister Advisor, was promoted as Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by the Croatian President, on 14 July 2003.

The reason for this appointment is that that Croatia, together with Australia will assume presidency of the Committee for Care of Mine Victims at the Fifth meeting of the Member States of the Ottawa Antipersonnel Mine Ban Convention from 14-19 September 2003. Ms. Pleština will be chairing the said Committee on behalf of the Republic of Croatia. By appointing a co-chairman of the Committee, Croatia wished to indicate the importance of this issue for the Republic of Croatia as a country which was among the first to sign the Ottawa Convention and which is facing the issue of mine clearing itself.

We would like to remind that the salary of Ms. Pleština by the Ministry, as well as traffic and warm meal allowances, based on the written request of 26 October 2000, are paid during the time of her engagement at the Foreign Ministry to the account of the International Trust Fund for Demining and Victims Assistance.

The rank of Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to be differentiated from Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary which is appointed by the Croatian President, through a procedure specified by the Constitution. Ambassadors have no special authorities in representing the Republic of Croatia unlike the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary who is head of diplomatic mission of the Republic of Croatia abroad and represents Croatia in the receiving country or international organisation.

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