Albania deserves EU membership as soon as possible

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Albania deserves EU membership as soon as possible, Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić Radman said after a meeting with his Albanian counterpart Igli Hasani in Zagreb on Tuesday.
"We discussed the situation in Southeast Europe and agreed that the enlargement process has no alternative. Of course, it depends on individual achievements in meeting the set conditions and criteria," said Grlić Radman, praising Albania's engagement in reforms.
"Albania is fully aligned with the European Union's common foreign and security policy," said the Croatian foreign minister, adding that this reflects their "strategic commitment to EU membership."
Grlić Radman described the bilateral cooperation between the two countries as "excellent" and reminded that they are celebrating 15 years of NATO membership this year, "which has proven to be extremely important for the security, stability, and prosperity of both countries."
Albanian Foreign Minister Hasani, on his first official visit to Zagreb, thanked Croatia for its support to the Albanian task force for EU membership.
"Croatia is the best example that EU membership pays off, and we must work on that path. Your model is an example and a guideline for us to implement what you implemented during your efforts to join the EU," said Hasani.
"We remain committed to advancing reforms as if EU accession were imminent. Our efforts continue unabated, aimed at ensuring the region, including Kosovo, becomes an integral part of the European Union," Hasani said.

The Albanian minister also expressed gratitude for Croatian support for Kosovo during the vote on its membership in the Council of Europe. "We agree that the future of Kosovo is in Euro-Atlantic integrations, but not only Kosovo, but also the entire region," Hasani emphasized.
Text: Hina/MVEP

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