President Mesić address on the occasion of election

President Mesic address on the occasion of election

It is the tradition but also the duty of the President of the Republic to address you when parliamentary elections are being scheduled. Therefore, the time has come to say a few words on the occasion to you, citizens of the Republic of Croatia. You already know the basic facts: on Sunday, 25 November, in a month or so, you will go to the polls. I shall not spend any time on other technical details. You will get all the information from the media. However, I would like to claim your attention for the next few minutes in order to share with you my considerations on the eve of the parliamentary elections. Of course, I am not allowed to advise you which option to choose. But I must tell you what a Croatia we all deserve, and it is up to you to judge which party can offer you such a future. Analogously, I am not allowed to evaluate individual parties or their leaders. And I am not going to! But I must tell you which policy is not acceptable either to united Europe or to the international community. And you will judge who is offering a policy leading to isolation, and who a policy opening up the door to Europe and the world. At all events, there is something I may, want and must tell you: do go to the polls on Sunday, 25 November. Use your right to vote. You must decide who will take over the helm of Croatia's government over the next four years, and with what a policy. Don't leave this decision to others by failing to vote. You cannot retrieve a missed chance. Croatia needs and deserves a forward-looking government, a government that will not be a prisoner of the past in any regard while appreciating lessons from the past, a government that will not fear the truth about the past or about the present, a government that will ultimately be interested in development plans, in reducing unemployment and indebtedness, and increasing production - in a nutshell, interested in the welfare of Croatia and of all its citizens. I am talking about a government that will not convince you that you live well and better and better, but about a government whose actions will make you truly feel that your standard of living is improving. Croatia needs and deserves a government that will consistently proceed towards Euro-Atlantic integrations with no delays, no tongue-in-cheek and no intention to hide behind platitudes. We need both integrations, NATO and the European Union, because we also need a guarantee of our own security and future in a community based on values common to all democratic countries. Croatia needs and deserves a government that will want and know how to strike a balance between narrow, national interests and broad, European and global needs and interests while avoiding national exclusiveness and, at the same time, avoiding anything that could jeopardize our own, Croatian interests. In order to be a credible partner to Europe and the world we need a government that will leave no doubt room whatsoever for doubt regarding its firm commitment to cooperation with anyone wishing to reciprocate - obviously on an equal footing and with due respect of mutual interests. In order to fit into a world which has understood that states cannot progress without the progress of individual citizens we need a government that will appreciate and valuate work - past and present alike. We need a government that will understand, accept and implement the principle that work is the basic standard of value and success. This also implies that we need a government that will genuinely wage the war against crime and corruption. Moreover, in order to have a government that will meet the true needs of the citizens of the Republic of Croatia to the fullest possible extent, we must have a parliament consisting of representatives of parties unequivocally committed to the rule of law, respect of diversity and a tolerant attitude towards those that differ in any terms - race, ethnic affiliation, religion or world view. We need enlightened and not blinded members of parliament. We need capable rather than politically acceptable members of parliament and officials! And in order to have a future, we need a parliament consisting of representatives of parties ready to give instead of taking, ready to fight for justice and fairness rather than for privileges, who will ultimately have in mind a single objective: the development and progress of Croatia, not at anyone's expense but to its benefit, not against anyone but together with others, first of all with our neighbours. Today, as the parliamentary elections are being scheduled, I thought it was my duty to tell you all this. Not in order to instruct you but in order to motivate you additionally to go to the polls and to elect parties and people who not only can but dare to go ahead, parties and people who not only know but are not afraid to place their knowledge at the service of the community. Croatia is our own. Nobody has given it to us, and nobody is going to take it away. But our Croatia cannot stay outside Europe and the world. And you, your votes on Sunday, 25 November, will decide what our Croatia is going to be like! When you do that, think of your own future and of the future of your children. In that case you will make the proper decision. Thank you - and don't forget to go to the polls!

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