EU unanimous on two-state solution for Israel and Palestine

(Hina) - Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Vesna Pusic, who attended an informal meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Milan on Saturday, said that the 28-strong bloc was unanimous in supporting a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine but that it was necessary to redefine this concept initiated 20 years ago. "There is unanimous support for the two-state solution, however, this concept, initiated 20 years ago, is perhaps a little outdated in its practical aspect," Pusic said, explaining that some of the assumptions on which the concept was based do not correspond with the facts "which is why it is necessary to redefine and reconsider it". Pusic said that it was crucial to design the two-state solution and to start building a consensus on the matter. The Croatian minister said that there was a consensus that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was perceived as a factor of peace and that it was possible to negotiate with him. His authority and readiness to talk should be used for the purpose of further negotiations, she added. The Milan meeting also supported the U.S. efforts aimed at reaching a lasting peace in that volatile area, and it was concluded that the European Union should step up its engagement in the Middle East, according to Pusic.

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