Presentation of the Croatian company DOK-ING in Jakarta

On February 6, 2020, a practical presentation of equipment and systems of the MVF-5 U3 Emergency Response Robotic System was held in Ciracas, near Jakarta by representatives of the Croatian company DOK-ING. At the presentation were present Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Indonesia MSc. Nebojša Koharovic with the members of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Jakarta, Ambassador of Armenia in Jakarta, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia, representatives of the agencies for natural disasters and emergency situations of Indonesia and representatives of the Indonesia fire Department. The one-hour presentation presented the capabilities of the system for the purpose of extinguishing fires and interventions in impassable areas. The presentation was accompanied by significant interest from the Indonesian side. Success of the Croatian company DOK-ING and the entry into the large Indonesian market is a good example of a long-standing engagement of the company, which opens new business opportunities.

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