„Unseen Beauty“ art photography exhibit opened at the EU Delegation to the U.S.

The Embassy was glad to present, together with the EU Delegation to the U.S., the opening night of Gordana Gerskovic"s exhibit "Unseen Beauty" at the Delegation premises on February 2, 2015. "Unseen Beauty" exhibit is inspired by a two-year study of objects and surfaces with characters that are easily passed or overlooked by others. Gordana Gerskovic"s photography is some of the most aesthetically enriching work to be offered to the art community and city at large. Trailblazing in her craft, Gordana reflects her fascination with nature through her work by presenting the viewer with evocative and abstract images of natural forms, organic objects, and surfaces transferring an ordinary object and challenging the viewers to see it in a different way.To learn more about unique photography art by Gordana Gerskovic please see: http://gordanaphotography.com

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