Final Farewell to Homeland War Volunteer Martin Parry

  • Slika
The family, friends and comrades gathered at the final farewell to Croatian Homeland War volunteer, Dr Martin Gratton Parry on Thursday, January 12, 2023.  The mass was held in the chapel of St. George in the English town of Burgess Hill. The mass was also attended by personnel of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to the United Kingdom.
In the early 1990s, Dr Parry was an anesthesiologist in London, where he learned from his colleague of Croatian origin  about the aggression against the Republic of Croatia. They worked together on providing a humanitarian aid to Croatia. After a colleague joined the 4th Guards Brigade "Pauci" („Spiders“), he suggested the same to Dr. Parry. "There was a shortage of doctors in Croatia, and when asked if I was ready to come, I decided to go. In February 1992, I arrived in Split, was sent to the legendary 4th Brigade, received a uniform and weapons, and then everything went quickly," he said at the anniversary of the operation „Storm“ in 2017. He was with the „Pauci“ as a doctor on the military assignments at the Southern Battlefield , and also worked as an assistant in Split hospital.
Dr. Parry received the Homeland War Memorial (a Croatian state medal) for his services in rescuing, caring for and treating soldiers and wounded civilians in his unit's area of ??operations. At the beginning of July 2021, the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Igor Pokaz, presented him with a memorial at a ceremony organized at the Croatian Embassy in London. On that occasion, Dr. Parry recalled his days and comrades in the Homeland War, emphasizing his and the family's permanent connection with the Republic of Croatia, pointing out that he was extremely glad that he helped at least a little in the development of the country, which in the meantime became a member of the EU and NATO. Dr. Martin Gratton Parry will be buried on January 14 at Abbey Island in Ireland.