Celebrating Statehood Day and the First Anniversary of the Croatia""s European Union Membership

As the first Statehood Day since Croatia’s accession to the European Union, this year’s celebration was particularly significant. Last July’s accession was an event that crowned the historic journey Croatia has completed during the last two decades after securing its independence. This journey is best depicted in President Josipovic’s speech: “This is the birthday of modern-day Croatia, the beginning of a journey during which we obtained our freedom and international recognition in a war imposed on us. During this period, Croatia turned from an orphan in world politics into a member of the UN, NATO, and finally of the European Union, a reliable partner of many allies and friends.” Many distinguished guests from the world of diplomacy, economy and culture have joined for the celebration event on the 25th of June at the Croatian Embassy in London, further strengthening their existing ties with Croatia.

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