ACBP picnic held in London's Regent's Park

On Saturday, July 1, 2023, a picnic organized by the Association of Croatian British Professionals (ACBP) was held in London. About sixty members of ACBP, professionals of Croatian origin who live and work in the United Kingdom, gathered in Regent's Park to get to know each other better and socialize.

ACBP was founded in April 2023, modeled after the American ACAP.

As pointed out by the leadership of ACBP, their intention is to be a leading platform for encouraging connections, sharing knowledge and expertise, and promoting innovation and cooperation between Croatia and the United Kingdom. Their goal is to build a strong and dynamic network of professionals who are committed to positively impacting society and who are recognized for their excellence and leadership.

The gathering of ACBP members was also attended by employees of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the United Kingdom, temporary charge d'affaires Davor Ljubanović and first secretary Dajana Antonija Bebek.